Mobility Support

Blueprint to Pain Support Kit

An Acute & Chronic Pain Support Program

Blueprint’s Complete Pain Support Kit is specifically designed to help muscle and joint pain during times of physical stress. Our blend of quality herbs, minerals, and collagen have been combined in this kit in order to promote relaxation and provide a natural alternative for the management of acute and chronic pain.

The kit consists of a powder, capsule, and cream, to deliver the following benefits:

  • Provides relief to sore joints and muscles through a topical and internal effect.
  • Helps to manage a healthy inflammatory response in joint and muscle tissue.
  • Relieves acute and chronic muscle spasm, including myofascial trigger points.
  • Reduces generalized anxiety symptoms, and serves as a general relaxant.
  • Shortens joint and muscle recovery from injury and trauma.

We Have Three Pain Support Formulas

Our powder formula contains a unique blend of three patented collagen peptides supported by clinical research showing their efficacy for supporting collagen production, bone strength, joint health and integrity, skin elasticity, and gut health. Collagen is a special type of protein that accounts for as much as 30% of the body’s total protein. In particular, it’s a primary structural component of connective tissue. When it comes to reducing pain connective tissue healing is imperative.

Our encapsulated formula is a blend of calming herbs and minerals designed to sup- port healthy muscle relaxation. This formula contains ingredients involved in muscle contraction and relaxation responses, providing further comprehensive support for healthy muscle relaxation and pain reduction.

Our soothing topical cream can be used for joint and muscle discomfort. It is a wonderful complement to our powder and encapsulation formulas. The topical application provides tissue warming and surface-cooling effects utilizing a complex and complete formulation for reducing pain on contact.


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