Knee Support

Blueprint to Knee Pain Support Kit

A Knee Pain Support Program

Blueprint to Knee Pain Nutritional Support Kit is designed to optimize nitric oxide (NO) levels in the body as well as reduce inflammation in the knee and increase the nutrients that support joint health. The kit is designed to increase circulation, accelerate tissue healing, balance the systemic healing processes, and provide topical pain relief. Blueprint Nutrition’s unique nutraceutical powdered complex is formulated to support nitric oxide (NO) production within the bloodstream supporting healthy circulation, facilitating ammonia and lactate removal to diminish fatigue, protecting tissue oxidation, supporting immune health, and providing antioxidant protection.
We also utilize an herbal tincture that is ecologically harvested and compounded containing specific herbs that moderates our bodies’ inflammatory response and have provided natural pain relief for centuries. The herbs that we use have even been shown to work better than some over-the-counter NSAID medications. 

Blueprint Nutrition makes sure when we choose a supplement it has a potent dose of clinically-studied extract to provide the patient with the results they desire. Our herbs in this concentrated formula come directly from their region of origin. We process these herbs (6 lbs. of dried herbs per gallon) with a proprietary extraction method that releases all the nutrients, volatile oils and esters ensuring you a pure balanced product with maximum effectiveness.

Although cartilage is naturally produced by the body, it can wear down over time and cause our bones to grind together making it difficult, and quite painful, to move around and experience the quality of life we’re used to. So we have decide to combine a transdermal topical cream formula with an excellent source of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. This allows the affected joint, in this case the knee, to directly get the nutrients and support that is needs. Studies show that glucosamine can slow cartilage from degrading within the joints. It’s a powerful ingredient that has also been shown to help reduce swelling, provide extra relief and increase range of motion for those suffering from osteoarthritis. By also combining it with chondroitin, it can help ensure your body is able to produce and maintain the cartilage it needs. Recent studies show that sulfur-rich MSM not only enhances the effects of glucosamine and chondroitin when combined, but can also help reduce inflammation and prevent cartilage from breaking down around your joints. This helps to increase mobility and alleviate pain making it easier to move and enjoy a better quality of life.

Our advanced Blueprint to Knee Pain Support Kit can be combined with our Atomic Spin Technology Knee Therapy, Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy, and Advanced Knee Decompression.

Chronic pain is often perpetuated by abnormal, small nerve networks stuck in a rut of constant inflammation. PEMF stimulation (especially with high intensities) quiets down nerves and facilitates recovery from injury and inflammation. Even patients suffering from stubborn or systemic sources of pain have found pain relief using magnetic therapies.

Peer-reviewed studies show that BluePrint’s patient-wearable infrared home device has a 90 percent knee pain reduction to improve lower body function. Infrared decreases acute and chronic pain by stimulating a cascade of many natural biological processes. It increases the metabolism of the injured tissue and the production of ATP. Cell membranes are repolarized to increase circulation thus reducing inflammation and edema. Infrared also prevents the release of biochemicals that stimulate pain receptors to directly relieve pain.

We use a revolutionary product that provides knee decompression. The knee traction system offers benefits for those suffering from chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis, previous injury, failed surgery, and more. Studies show that mechanical traction is more effective at decreasing pain and improving quality of life than ultrasound and exercise combined. With chronic knee pain affecting the steps, you take on a daily basis, improving the quality of life is of utmost importance.


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